Ultrasound in Santa Clarita?

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Dr. Ekengren offers ultrasound therapy in Santa Clarita in addition to chiropractic adjustments and procedures, which enhances your chiropractic care and speeds the quality and success of your rehabilitation.

Ultrasound in Santa Clarita

Therapeutic ultrasonography treats a range of soft tissue injuries with high-frequency, inaudible sound waves.

A round-headed wand or probe is inserted in direct contact with your skin to provide ultrasound. The coolness of the gel used to increase sound conduction will hit you first. Then, in the treated area, you should feel a nice, warm sensation beneath your skin.

When high-frequency sound waves are directed to soft tissues and joints, the temperature rises, increasing blood flow, relaxing muscular spasms, increasing metabolism, and encouraging your body's healing reaction. Consider ultrasound to be a type of deep tissue micro-massage that aids in the reduction of swelling, increased blood flow, pain relief, joint stiffness reduction, and cell healing.

An ultrasound treatment can take anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. Treatment times may be extended in cases when scar tissue is present. The ultrasound probe is continually moving during the therapy.

Ultrasound can also be used to detect small fractures that aren't visible on X-ray. Because sound waves are caught between the two parts of the break, small, hairline fractures can cause pain.

We avoid employing ultrasonography in areas where there are malignancies, metal implants beneath the treated area, vascular anomalies, or pregnant women's abdomens.

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