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Cellular Vitality

cellular-vitalityPromoting cellular functions is the most upstream intervention in health care. We can literally predict disease cascades and define someone’s resilience by their cellular function. We understand pathways that were previously unknown, and how to up-regulate them can change our probable predictable future. Working on cellular vitality can help us live longer and healthier.


The new term for these cellular enhancing approaches is cytoprotective. We have now discovered that there are genes dedicated to our survival. We can up-regulate these genes with herbs and nutrients from our plants. These pathways become quite complicated; however understanding the basics can help us literally live longer and healthier.

NrF2/ARE Influences:

Antioxidant Response Element (ARE) is switched on by Nrf2 pathway. Current research has identified several important involvements in how the NrF2 pathways influences health maintenance and disease prevention

  • Health aging and longevity
  • Preventing cancer buildup
  • Radiation protection
  • Reducing oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Potential benefit in diseases resulting from accumulated toxins