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Low back pain? Pain down the leg ??

“But I Didn’t Do Anything!”

back pain

Many of the health problems we see are the result of circumstances that have been around for months, sometimes years.

How could the simple task of bending over to tie your shoes, cause your spine to lock up? How could reach for the newspaper, produce pain down the back of your leg? How could looking over your shoulder to check traffic make your neck stiffen?

We hear this all the time.

With the exception of recent trauma, many of the health problems we see are the result of circumstances that have been around for months, sometimes years. After the incident, there may have been some initial soreness. But the body had enough “margin” or capacity to adapt, and the pain went away. Problem fixed.

Or was it?

In this way, many spinal problems resemble cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and countless other “lifestyle” diseases quietly worsening in the background, before symptoms become obvious. And then all it takes is the littlest things to set it off.

Many of us have been misled into thinking pain is a problem.

Headache? Numb your body’s ability to feel it. Gall bladder malfunctioning? Surgically remove it. Upset stomach? Artificially calm it. Sore throat? Chemically soothe it. High cholesterol? Take a drug to lower it.

Virtually all of these so-called “solutions” share one thing in common. They make the symptom the problem rather than attending to the underlying cause.

Imagine if you approached your car with the same attitude. Engine noise? Turn up the radio. Annoying vibrations at highway speeds? Drive slower. Engine temperature in the red zone? Turn up the air conditioner. Oil pressure dangerously low? Ignore the gauge. Squealing brakes? Turn the radio up even louder!

Ridiculous, right? Yet many of us employ this shortsighted attitude when it comes to how our body functions. We occupy this miraculous self-healing, self-regulating organism, and if we’ll listen, it warns us when things are amiss. First, a little whisper. Then a serious warning. Or, ignore things long enough and our body will start SHOUTING!

Then we have a choice: address the underlying cause (fix) or merely quiet the warning sign (patch).

Chiropractic care produces great results by attending to the cause, rather than suppressing the symptoms. Are you or do you know a pill-popping symptom-treating friend who could benefit from chiropractic care? Give us a call at (661)-254-9400

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