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Knee pain? In Relationship to Sciatica ?

“Help! I have pain in my knees and I have been told there is nothing I can do apart from taking painkillers and rest and now everything else hurts – I feel I am falling apart.”

knee pain and sciatica

Patella subluxation is a common cause of knee pain and chiropractic can provide some relief.

The knee joint is the largest joint in the body, and injuring it can prevent you from accomplishing everyday activities and eventually produce more alignment problems such as hip pain and sciatica. Patella subluxation is a common cause of knee pain most often goes together with misalignments of Fibula bone and Tibia bone.

Patellar subluxation is the name for an unstable kneecap. The knee bone, or patella, normally slides up and down as you bend your leg. Sometimes, the patella becomes off center or dislocates. When the patella no longer slides smoothly, it causes severe discomfort and pain. The patella is also stabilized by the three bones around it. On top we have the femur bone and below it the tibia and fibula. These bones provide support to the knee cap. Any of these structures can move out of alignment and cause pain and with enough time eventually all structures start to hurt. The very same bones at the knee also go down to the foot and therefore start to affect the foot and the gait. As the person walks unevenly by the knee and foot – the body is shifting the body weight to the other leg and therefore compensation occurs and the low back starts to hurt and can lead to shooting pain down the leg called sciatica.

Misalignment of the knee can affect people of all ages. Often it is caused by overuse or injury.

Misalignments can also lead to ‘wear and tear’ or osteoarthritis and although a condition such as osteoarthritis is not curable, the symptoms can be reduced and the progression of the problem can be helped thanks to our unique approach to treatment. Misalignment cannot be surgically removed. Medication will only mask the pain but will not treat the problem. Due to the knee and foot being the root of the problem, if you treat only the back and ignore the knee and the foot, it will only temporary remove some pain. Come in to see how we with our unique approach to treatment can get you walking pain free again.

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